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The projects are listed in order of the start date of the project, not when they complete


New Hythe station platform


During the work to install 45 metres of new railway track we also removed the old station platform. This was a wooden construction which was starting to fail. As part of the new railway track project, the track running into the station has been significantly lifted to ensure that it is level. This means that the new station platform will be much...

3D laser survey

P16 survey

The project to generate a 3D survey model of the pier and buildings


Carriage 2 restoration

carraige 2 – 2

Restoration and rebuild of carriage 2. This is the third carriage to be restored and the first "driving" carriage.


Renewable Energy Study


Investigation into the role of renewable energy in any future re-development of the pier

Restoration of Tractor 2


The project to restore the second locomotive tractor unit has started.

Movement monitoring survey


Long term survey of parts of the pier to check if there is any slow subsidence. No movement has been detected so far.

Track restoration - Phase 1

P19 cover

The replacement of the first 45 metres of train track (including the points), the supporting wooden beams and the underlying pier beams.

Pierhead Access Project

P25 underside view

This project has provided a a doorway and structures below the level of the pier deck to allow inspection and easy access


Carriage 1 restoration

carriage 1

Restoration and rebuild of carriage 1. This is the second carriage to be restored

Temporary protection of the waiting room building


Following our project to protect the south side building from further deterioration, we move to doing the same for the north side building. This building houses the waiting room currently.

Spider crab mural

P8 crab

In conjunction with Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust (HIWWT), HPHA have organised for a large sea life mural to be created on and displayed at the end of the pier.

Listing the pier


A project to add Hythe Pier to the list of architectural and historically important buildings in England.

Pier structure - temporary support


Scaffolding ladders have been installed to support a small section of the pier head structure that is badly affected by corrosion

Temporary protection of the "ballroom"

P07 ballroom

Protection of the pier-head south side building installing a new roof and repairing the walls and floor.

Structural survey of the pier

P6 cover

A structural survey and follow up report was commissioned. The purpose of the survey was to determine the Pier’s general condition and to make recommendations for the remediation of, and designate repair timeframes for, various structural defects.


Asbestos survey


Inspection of the pier, pier buildings and workshop to report on the presence of asbestos, so that it can be removed by later projects. No asbestos was found in publically accessible areas.

Tractor 1 restoration


The first train tractor unit restoration project.

Carriage 4 Restoration

carriage 4 rebuilt

The first of the 4 carriages to be restored

Buildings survey


Inspection of the condition of the buildings at the pier head (seaward side), the ticket office, and workshop buildings (landward side), as part of a Feasibility Assessment.


Services survey of the pier


A survey to examine the existing services to the Hythe Pier and to conduct a feasibility study into the renovation of the pier buildings, land and shore side.

Pier entrance facelift


Enhance the entrance to the pier and to make it more welcoming by painting, repairing, installing new roof edging and planting lots of flowers.


Initial survey of the pier


An inspection of the pier to determine its structural arrangement and general condition. This was a high-level inspection, providing general observations and preliminary recommendations. This assessment was performed to help HPHA plan the next steps in the preservation of the pier.