In response to guidance from HM Government in relation to the health crisis caused by the Coronavirus epidemic.

Well, I don’t think that anyone could have predicted that we would be in the midst of the single biggest international health crisis that we have faced in modern peacetime. We are in a very fast changing and developing situation. It seems that no one can be quite certain what the outcome will be, indeed right now it seems unclear what will happen tomorrow let alone during the coming weeks and months.
What is clear is that like any responsible organisation we need to take the steps necessary to reduce the risk in what we do in order to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus.
I know that many of our members, volunteers and supporters are retired and may be more vulnerable at this time. Your help and support is invaluable, without it we would not be able to achieve anything. We have therefore decided to suspend all our current activities until this health emergency is over.


  • We will not proceed with our planned spring event at the Pier.
  • We will not undertake any other activities that would require even small gatherings or group meetings.
  • Work on the restoration of the railway carriage working with the volunteers at the The Shed at Hythe Pier will be suspended with immediate effect.
  • We will suspend any planned attendance or participation at other community events for the next 12 weeks.
  • Our AGM for members, which would normally be held in May, will be postponed for at least three months.

We will keep this situation under close review and keep you informed as to the future plans and any changes we make. We will consider different ways for us to connect and share ideas and information.

The management team and key volunteers will continue sharing information and working on the project plans and other matters that are currently in progress.

What I do want to say is this, the pier, the train and the ferry have been here for a very long time, they will still be here when this crisis is over. Right now there are more important things to consider, your well being, the health and well being of your family, your friends and the whole community. This is what matters right now.

So please stay safe, take care and be assured that we will come together again to meet and enjoy events on the pier and support this project.

With my very best wishes to all of you.

Peter King